Management / Governing Council

Name Institution / Organisation
Dr. Alli Mcharazo Chairperson, Tanzania Library Service Board, P.O Box 9283, Dar Es Salaam.
Prof. Malima.P.Nyerembe University of Dar es Salaam, Library
Mr. John M. Mahali District Administrative Secretary, Bagamoyo District
Mr. Oliver P.J Mhaiki St.Joseph College,Ubungo Plaza Dar es Salaam
Mr. Charles Magaya National archives Dept. Presdants' office,Public Servives,Dar es Salaam
Mr.Edmundi Kinwasi Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, Dar es salaam
Mrs. Mary W.Watungulu Institute of Adult Education Dar es Salaam
Mrs. Edda T.Lwoga Muhimbili University College of Health and Allied Science Dar es salaam